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"I'm thrilled to wholeheartedly endorse the ministry work of Brian Kravec and Possibility Productions. With a heart for service and a passion for the faith, Brian has given himself fully to shining the light for Jesus Christ through a variety of exciting projects and productions. I'm always excited to hear what Brian is planning as he's a master at bringing vibrant opportunities for people to better know and love the Church."

Lisa M. Hendey, bestselling author and Founder of CatholicMom.com

"Brian is one of the most thorough, hard-working and prayerful event planners in the industry, but yet, his greatest skill is his ability to draw in the masses and create events that bring about conversion. There are a lot of companies that understand the elements of production: stage, lights and band. However, it's only the Brian's of the world who understand how to take advantage of this unique opportunity for the sake of evangelization."

Tori Harris, Catholic Singer/Songwriter/Worship Leader and Founder of Arise Worship Ministries

“I came to know of Brian Kravec through his role as an evangelist for the Catholic Church. Brian is impressive. He understands the hunger for God and Truth in today's culture...and has responded by producing events that fill the soul. I have made the drive to St. Patrick's Catholic Church in Merced, CA. for a number of these events. They featured a myriad of outstanding Catholic speakers who were thought-provoking, educational, inspirational, and always exceeded my expectations.

Brian has also been an excellent source of prominent Catholic speakers for the Diocese of Oakland's Catholics@Work Speakers Series. He was our guest speaker in 2012 when he shared his own journey as a correctional officer in maximum-security prisons. He was forced in his role as a guard to confront evil around him and in his own soul. In doing so, he experienced a conversion of heart to God and for the work of the Church.

Anything Brian gets involved in is "gold" for believers and non-believers alike. He is a man-of-god and God is certainly using him in His vineyard.”

Thomas M. Loarie, Catholic Business Journal

"Brian brings a sense of faithfulness, passion and heart-felt authenticity to everything he touches. Working with him was like meeting a friend I didn't know I already had. If you get the pleasure to work with him, you will be very blessed."

Teresa Peterson, Catholic Singer/Songwriter and Worship Leader

"Brian from Possibility Productions was a pleasure to work with! He truly understands the need for Catholic Christian evangelization. He is a gift to the Church and some one I would work with over and over again!"

Daniel Oberreuter, Lead Singer, The Thirsting

“I was a speaker for one of Mr. Kravec's events, which was so successful that I decided to travel a long distance from my home to attend two others, and I can say with all sincerity and gratitude, that each event was more than worth the long drive.

Through the mediums of music and truth and story-telling, people were visibly drawn to God and their Catholic faith. Their laughter was genuine and their tears healing, including my own. The Spirit is using Possibility Productions for God's glory in a most remarkable way.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to attend an event of Possibility Productions, don't hesitate . . . Go!”

Christine Watkins, Inspirational Catholic Speaker, Christian Counselor, Retreat Leader and Author, Full of Grace (2010)

“I have produced more than 1,000 concerts over the last 15 years. The majority were in Catholic Churches. I say that only to suggest that I've 'seen it all' and speak from experience.

If had had to hold up a model of "what to do" and "how to run a concert in a Catholic Church" Brian would be my poster boy.
Each time I worked with Brian he went WAY above the norm in communication, promotion, being a magnificent host and delivering (the ultimate key - how many people attended).

It is not easy to promote a concert. It takes a certain type of person - a certain type of drive to connect with a LOT of people and bring them to an event. The performer, no matter how powerful, gifted or talented, depends utterly on the talent of the PROMOTER first and foremost to have an audience in the first place. Brian is a truly gifted, passionate, faith filled and driven promoter. “

Matthew Cameron, Stormlight Pictures

“In addition to a robust faith, dedication to God and desire to serve Him, Brian also brings a level of professionalism that is exceptional and rare. It is vital for Catholic ministries to hold the highest standards in this area and Brian brings his years of experience both personally and professionally to create moments of encounter.”

Fr. Kevin McGoldrick, Kevin McGoldrick Music


"I love the work and zeal of Possibility Productions. Your events bring the gospel to many and inspire them to strive for holiness."

- Rosario Rodriguez, Inspirational Catholic Speaker sharing her journey of healing through forgiveness.

“God has worked powerfully in the lives of young people through the collaborative efforts of Possibility Productions and Young Life. Teenagers have had the opportunity to serve at events, build friendships with artists, and experience some of the best concerts and worship in the Valley. I am personally grateful for Possibility Productions and Brian Kravec. The vision and heart of this ministry are being used by the Lord to change lives and bring glory to Jesus.”

Spence Boelter, Young Life Associate Regional Director, California Central Region.





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